3 Year Timelapse - Fiero Restoration | Abandoned for 20 Years

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Restoring this 1985 Pontiac Fiero was a wild and crazy journey. This was my first time ever undertaking a project car. I did a lot of things not in the best order and made lots of mistakes, but after three years I persevered! I fully refurbished the fuel system, drivetrain, suspension, interior, bodywork, and most importantly: the pop-up headlights.

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Songs in Order of Appearance:
Memory Drive - ELFL
I'll Never Die (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Gunnarsson
Zero Gravity - ELFL
Racing Hearts - Mattie Maguire
Midnight Highway - Coma Svensson
Dreaming Out Loud (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Gunnarsson
Your Spell - Traci Bryan
On the Knife - Future Joust
Sunstorm - ELFL
Crispy Days - Lupus Nocte
The Space Mechanic - dvine
Yhello - Lofive
Purple Voyager - ELFL
Never or Right Now (Instrumental Version) - ELFL


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    way too fast, video hurt my eyeballs

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    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho! Você é um artista! Abraço do Brasil !!

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    Satisfying to watch, great music while watching this video, nice car sir!

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    Your 3 years paid off

  7. steve johnson
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    Hope you consider anti theft. I did the same, but a 68 camaro, just to have it stolen. A total loss, and never seen again. Trust me, you don't need the grief. BTW great job.

  8. AdamosDad
    Před 10 hodinami

    Great vid, and I can tell you love this thing. When they came out my younger brother got one, we thought it was cool as hell that you could burn rubber with the front wheels. He was the best mechanic I know, after a few months he decided it was a total POS, and was so happy when it burned to the ground with an electrical fire, the insurance paid off and we never had a Fiero in the drive after that.

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    The gag reel at the end. Ha!

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    I advise everyone to look at the playback speed 0,75

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    This is a brilliant example of full restoration, every tiny piece stripped and cleaned and the ending showing its never easy. Well done mate beautiful motor

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    good work, worthy of respect!

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    how many days it took you to restore??

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    car 1990

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    Great video and total effort! Gotta love parts being worked on at the dinner table, subframe hanging from the backboard.... Love it!

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    I Like

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    I am so amazed by the work of a very professional team to turn a dead car back to life

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    Awesome. Great job

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    *_Most people wouldn't of taken the radio apart because GM made millions so for no money could have one next day but hey that wouldn't of been near as interesting to watch..._*

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    Класс)Не много не понял,зачем восстанавливать пружины?Вы же новые поставили)

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    It's not a full restoration work 😒

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    Wow thanks this saved me three years of following your channel. No just kidding haha. I remember the video when you where picking up the car etc. Watched a few video's and had to wait for the next. Than i lost track of your channel. Now it popped up again and i must say. I have much respect. Because this is a real rebuild is. You used a lot of the original parts. even parts i would consider gone and beyond repair. Look i am not a car guy and i can not fix a car in any kind but damm this car turned up nice. Again much respect. Even the radio got fixed. I enjoyed every minute. Thanks for sharing. Be safe

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    The hood falling in the paint booth made me lmfao. I could only imagine.

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    podcast fn&w
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    Awesome 👍🏻👍🏽 yeah feel your pain when things go wrong, as I have done many a time on my things lol and I got some projects to get started later as my time is taking up at the moment 😞 but will get there 👍🏻😀

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