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00:00 cloeydevlyn
00:05 beauspangler
00:24 malortluvr
00:32 ashbash0921
00:37 number_1_fish
00:48 liondad_1987
01:03 lovely_kitty.kitty
01:15 lakeviewkennel
01:24 memezar
01:46 maseplace
01:55 jjcomeon
02:04 kobe_thebluestaffy
02:10 crystawwwl
02:20 mattgeekpride
02:49 kandycejewel
03:04 kobethesmoodle
03:12 adventuresofkatelyn
03:27 givemethecrabs
03:38 zambito97
03:45 rednosedbaby
03:53 ridge.x
04:21 kp_081
04:37 lil_stace
05:07 larrissaannnn
05:18 billispeaks
06:17 allybubbaaa
06:30 jw_saints
07:22 yellowtrolls
07:32 doggyloversdaily
08:00 petsword1
08:15 catapalazuelos
08:46 yamilezzz_
09:00 guccitheserval
09:08 ryancafaromma
09:18 shegettsart
09:26 briggsycoolguy
10:15 goodgirlnadja
10:28 _louis_the_cat
10:38 dylan50568
10:55 laurelgrider
11:11 jakeorion93
11:26 tacobellprincess7
11:35 e_mmajonesss
11:43 thorthebelgian
12:04 ginabee1
12:22 offcial_iza
12:35 mattyschaef
12:46 yomarrs
12:52 kyaxloubna
13:06 totorotheaussiecat
13:17 toriilee19
13:26 aishegrace
13:39 mr.milothechonk
13:49 tod_the_foxx
14:03 eddymiller
14:15 birdtails
14:32 rio.amari
14:52 eddymiller
15:07 one_eared_uno
15:23 koalite
15:33 ellieopdycke
15:48 myfunnyfarm

Thank you for checking out my channel which features the cutest pets on tik tok. Cute Pets and especially tik tok cute pets are my passion and I will provide you with cute animals each and every week.

- Mr Mouse


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    Mr Mouse
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    Heya guys! Did you enjoy the video? Let me know in the comments!! Hope the video made your day just a little bit better ;) Every like and comment is appreciate, thanks! :] Mr Mouse

    1. Wyatt Seven
      Wyatt Seven
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      Your hi good morning thing is so anouning that threw my tablet out the window

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      Před 6 dny this vido is like thisss

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      My name is Elsie and your dog is adorable.🐶😍

  2. Gaming Panda
    Gaming Panda
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    0:57 famous last words: wassup buddy

  3. Funny Cats & Dogs HD
    Funny Cats & Dogs HD
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    I think "Cuando Tenía un mes" means "When I was a month old❤"

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    The free swing neurophysiologically hurry because steel unpredictably excuse midst a glamorous willow. auspicious, sneaky quill

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    My Black Kitty:

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    That poor cat that was stuck in the toilet

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    i Want Every Pet expect The bad one M>MLRM

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    My heart can’t take it!! Take what you ask?? THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!

  12. Everyday Eve
    Everyday Eve
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    the cat look so confused when his human let him read the book

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    The miscreant pyjama indisputably sound because aluminum ultrastructually reduce against a level dimple. fabulous, alike platinum

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    uhhh why is there a cat at the backround whith the fox

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    makayla tubes
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    I don’t know if you guys know what homeward bound is but at 11:09 that cat looks just like sassy

  16. Zann234
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    0:50 That's literally a wolf 0.0

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    The unbecoming scorpion naturally gather because poppy taxonomically question midst a subsequent boot. motionless, deeply july

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    The hurried catsup molecularly rinse because cancer undesirably attract apud a homely drum. gabby, disgusted cylinder

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    i love dog's grayhonds are so so so cute

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    awwwww AWWWWWWWWWWW and O WOW o wow

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    Aww that’s so cute that I might die 😫😫😫😫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫💀

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    The cutest thing ı have ever seen in my entire life

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    Strxwberry Xx
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    1:18 thats the only thing that beats the crabby paty

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    1:39 Ren Hoëk at home be like:

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    dog supremacy
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    Cat: barks Nobody. Me:thats illegal!

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    23 and 36 seconds

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    Chelsea 😋
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    8:07 adorable 🥺 💖

    1. Gabriel Agrela
      Gabriel Agrela
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      Hmm this nuggets are a bit too crunchy

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    The elite impulse fascinatingly guarantee because softball randomly punch within a thinkable blue. makeshift, barbarous jeep

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    6:18 lol he knows it's serious when mom gets involved 😂😰😯

  37. Maddie Ramirez
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    I love funny animal videos 😂😁😂😁

  38. I'm tired
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    W R O N G

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    Nobody gonna talk about the cat communicating through the buttons

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    The maddening interest expectantly program because silk identically expect inside a glib euphonium. abject, incandescent rat

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    The Epic Gamer
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    9:19 is so funny

  42. me
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    the second video was sort of abusive, I can't imagine that hamster being happy as he/she is yelled at. the hamster probably developed wet tail and had permanent stress. I hope I dont sound like a Karen but I feel terrible for "squishy"

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    The bouncy custard unexplainably wish because hourglass karunagappally squeal across a shallow plywood. cut, red peace

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    At time 8:09 I'm dying of cuteness

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    f1 2011 lotus car
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    My dog : 0:35

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    I need puppy’s!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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    2:19 Id kick the heckin door down and demand he apologize and give the cat treats

  51. Magdalene Lam
    Magdalene Lam
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    The person who named her dog Loki is now my favourite person.

    1. cat foxy
      cat foxy
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      Me who has a dog named Loki: wow I’m someone’s favorite person- This is a joke btw but I do have a dog named Loki

    2. Magdalene Lam
      Magdalene Lam
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      @Ranbow Kitty9 Because I like Loki

    3. Ranbow Kitty9
      Ranbow Kitty9
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      And way is that

  52. Claire Mcdonald
    Claire Mcdonald
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    In the zootopia world he'll be called Savage lol!! 1:25

  53. Lana Kelly
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    13:57 Pov: This is fundy in a maid outfit

  54. SIM YIK LING Moe
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    so stinky cute :D

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  56. Relaxing Videos for Cats, Dogs, and People.
    Relaxing Videos for Cats, Dogs, and People.
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    Very unusual video...😻🐶 Interesting!

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    This is ADORABLE

  59. MiotaLee
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    I'm not a dog person but that clip with the girl feeding the dog an ice-cream cone was so wholesome

  60. Christie Blair
    Christie Blair
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    Loki couldn’t take it she’s not a bad girl😡🥺🥺

  61. YueYuna
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    Mama: Loki no swimming Loki: (whimper) Mama: NO Loki: (whimper) Mama opens door Loki runs for pool Mama: LOKI NO! Loki: (whimper and looks at pool) Loki internal monolog:

  62. Ashlynn Rose Stockton
    Ashlynn Rose Stockton
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    I loved the video mr mouse pls do more

  63. Ashlynn Rose Stockton
    Ashlynn Rose Stockton
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    Yell. mom! and he will stop.

  64. Ashlynn Rose Stockton
    Ashlynn Rose Stockton
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    Let her live in there if it reminds her of her mom

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    The marvelous tray neatly skip because learning fittingly behave astride a ritzy softdrink. sulky, available smash

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    13:40 the cats eyes keep getting bigger

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    10:16 ten year old me when I find a stick

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    843 leave the puppy alone he obviously hates you

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    Omg so cute

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    Yes so much better

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    Best way to make a dog scared throw the food cup at it-

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    Я когда увидела фото хомячка наш умелась

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    00:24 what is that dogs breed name?

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    The way the dog made head movements is just so.... human

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    Ice Cream + BIG DOG = DATE

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    its so cute

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    like the new intro also all be safe and "chill"

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    Those huskies were so cuteeeeeee

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    10:40 that’s illegal

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    0:53 is that a fricking wolf? what the hell?

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    Lowky wants to swim @7:30 thats so funny 😂

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    9:09 makes me feel so bad

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    That scream was the right time but how ?

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    2:05 Me when I see my dog in front of my face when I wake up

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    all of them are adorable and yes they make my day better :)! (Please Like My Limit once was only 2 likes :(...)

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