Captain America Was a Werewolf?!

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The 90s were a weird time over at Marvel so they decided to make him a werewolf... Because comics.
Special thanks to our Patrons for helping make this possible!
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  1. Comic Drake
    Comic Drake
    Před rokem

    *Correction* Joaquin's transformation is permanent because Redwing is a vampire. I first read the story when it was coming out and I only skimmed it again when putting the script together. This is my bad and not up to my usual standards. Big thank you to Gavin Brown for respectfully pointing out my mistake.

    1. Ean Rollins
      Ean Rollins
      Před rokem

      @Naplock Blubba Yeah, this is canon.

    2. Naplock Blubba
      Naplock Blubba
      Před rokem

      because Redwing is a WHAT

    3. Ean Rollins
      Ean Rollins
      Před rokem

      Redwing being a vampire falcon, because comics.

  2. Ares Oblivion
    Ares Oblivion
    Před měsícem

    So werewolf captain america is wolverine fused with Captain America basically

  3. Scarlet Sasquatch
    Scarlet Sasquatch
    Před 2 měsíci

    Eyyy I knew Jack Russell had to be involved here somehow. Love that furry boy

  4. Aidan Seunarine
    Aidan Seunarine
    Před 2 měsíci

    Let's do it, werewolf Falcon in the MCU

  5. x8in_finity
    Před 4 měsíci

    8:10 winged wolf confirmed awoo >•

  6. Scott Steubing
    Scott Steubing
    Před 6 měsíci

    Capwolf is one of the reasons I love comics.

  7. ButterScotchFox
    Před 7 měsíci

    A wise man once said "Is that fur,coming out of your ears?"

  8. Trinston Michaels
    Trinston Michaels
    Před 8 měsíci

    Trinston was here

  9. Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson
    Před 8 měsíci

    6:25 How the fuck does THAT work? I thought the Captain America serum was lost forever, because someone forgot to backup the formula on an external drive. As for the shield, wasn't it made using a unique vibranium alloy, that cannot easily be made? How the hell did anyone manage to duplicate these two once-only things?

  10. Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson
    Před 8 měsíci

    5:05 Couldn't Nintendo have trademarked "Star Wolf" or something? Or is it too generic to be trademarked?

  11. Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson
    Před 8 měsíci

    1:36 Doctor...Druid? What? Why not Strange? Who the hell is this "Druid" guy?

  12. Metroplex
    Před 8 měsíci

    1:35 So another version of Dr strange kinda?

  13. 时3纸鸢
    Před 8 měsíci


  14. Spoopi Boi
    Spoopi Boi
    Před 9 měsíci

    I wonder if there was any yiff made of him or anything.

  15. PersonaX
    Před 11 měsíci

    I remember this arc well. It was definitely one of Cap's weirder adventures.

  16. Temmie the great
    Temmie the great
    Před 11 měsíci


  17. Maximiliano Ortiz
    Maximiliano Ortiz
    Před 11 měsíci

    Like for the clever sponsorship

  18. Justas
    Před rokem

    I think we're ignoring the fact that Hugh Jackman was a furry for 3 weeks.

  19. AkuTenshiiZero
    Před rokem

    "Sounds like something right out of a D&D campaign," _Quietly hides notes on my planned werewolf town..._

    1. Comic Drake
      Comic Drake
      Před rokem

      I literally put that joke in there because the D&D campaign I am writing is about a werewolf town. :P

  20. That One Guy
    That One Guy
    Před rokem

    Cap Wolf or Wolf Cap-- well that was a wild ride.

  21. John Aucamp
    John Aucamp
    Před rokem

    4:30 Most people outside of the US don't know that wolverines are a thing, so it makes sense that an Australian wouldn't know an under-publicized creature from North America.

  22. Super Studs
    Super Studs
    Před rokem

    Hey Drake, I am trying to recently get into the actual comics, I have eventually started with DC. But I also want to get into Marvel but a lot of people said most Marvel characters isn't the best when it comes to actual comics. I am just generally wondering is Marvel comics worth purchasing?

    1. ImpeccablePigeon
      Před 2 měsíci

      Honestly if you love gritty and dark comics DC would be a good choice. Marvel is just uh basic.

  23. EL Barto 666
    EL Barto 666
    Před rokem


  24. the American Shepherd
    the American Shepherd
    Před rokem

    Wolverine a werewolf? Would there be enough difference to matter?

  25. xXEdgy_OutsiderXx
    Před rokem

    Falcon is actually Kobold due to him staying in dog form

  26. LIRR 39 The G5s
    LIRR 39 The G5s
    Před rokem

    Excuse me what the fuck!?

  27. Jim Slav
    Jim Slav
    Před rokem

    This is why the 1990's is the best decade of them all. Cosmic Fucking Werewolves.

  28. Nicholas Walls
    Nicholas Walls
    Před rokem

    Yes, and I loved that series. Because it actually made that star spangled twatwaffle interesting!

  29. Ray Pantoja
    Ray Pantoja
    Před rokem

    Did I hear Texas?! San Antonio perhaps?

  30. Spectacular Spider-Wade
    Spectacular Spider-Wade
    Před rokem

    4:59 looks like alien x but a wolf lmao

  31. Katherine Lynch
    Katherine Lynch
    Před rokem

    Petition for them to include the communist flying werewolf in the Sam/Bucky show

  32. Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani
    Před rokem

    Not any weirder than that time Punisher became a Frankenstein. Or became black.

  33. Patrick Gartner
    Patrick Gartner
    Před rokem

    Firestorm did it earlier, and with hyenas.

  34. Alec Smith
    Alec Smith
    Před rokem

    Please do something on the old Marvel Star Wars comics

  35. taiga738
    Před rokem

    Werewolf Steve looks like such a good boy.

  36. Soundwave16
    Před rokem

    Damn my dnd campaign is ruined!

  37. Dullard D. Bones
    Dullard D. Bones
    Před rokem

    So the take-away is that Sam the American Eagle is teamed up with Joaquin Phoenix now.

  38. Steampunk Sloth 005
    Steampunk Sloth 005
    Před rokem

    This is so weird!!!!! I’m gonna draw this

  39. Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley
    Před rokem

    Bad ass!

  40. Crumbly 105
    Crumbly 105
    Před rokem

    HALLOWEEN HYPE👻🎃🧟‍♀️🕷🧟‍♂️☠️🧛🏽‍♂️💀🧛🏽‍♀️😈

  41. King Kurok
    King Kurok
    Před rokem

    Well tis the season

  42. Danny Van Overbeke
    Danny Van Overbeke
    Před rokem

    Capwolf also comes back in the Secret Wars Spider Island mini series, which also features a Lizard version of the Hulk and a Goblin dosed Tony Stark

  43. marko 2001
    marko 2001
    Před rokem

    If you think Captain America being a furry was weird,look what happened to MJ during the clone saga.Just imagine her in monster form,but more humanoid and wolfish.

  44. Brandon Stephens
    Brandon Stephens
    Před rokem

    Is Werewolf by Night a joke to them?

  45. The 1-Up_Triforce
    The 1-Up_Triforce
    Před rokem

    I love Wolf Cap I get a kick out of how he still has some intelligence but since hes a Werewolf its limited and he mostly goes off of instinct. I also like that he refers to his sheild as his "shiny thing".

  46. Spider-ball
    Před rokem


  47. Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn
    Před rokem

    Maybe the MCU animated What If series will tackle this wonderfully absurd 90's comic!

  48. defenseive kobra
    defenseive kobra
    Před rokem

    I mean Chris evans is basically an doggo so makes sense (Am aware of the timeline and why this joke is wrong)

  49. Deadwolf
    Před rokem

    Can't let you do that star fox

  50. Kuba havlíček
    Kuba havlíček
    Před rokem

    Nobody: Marvel: C A P W O L F

  51. Amelia Davidson
    Amelia Davidson
    Před rokem

    You mean Avengers Academy actually DID take the Cap Wolf costume for more than just a Halloween gag?? This actually happened?? I can't tell if I want to laugh at the hilarity or want to write fi s about this....

  52. justabitofamug
    Před rokem

    Wow, that was a ride

  53. Doctor Theorist
    Doctor Theorist
    Před rokem

    You should start a mini series of all the forces in comics. I just realized how much DC and marvel loves Forces

  54. Cullen Latham
    Cullen Latham
    Před rokem

    I knew about cap wolf, but like most of the more obscure characters ive heard of, i only knew it because of the lego games. seeing how throg was another character, i assumed cap wolf was a separate entity, not cap turned into a werewolf.

  55. John Werner
    John Werner
    Před rokem

    I remember James Gunn talked about this like three years ago and people didn’t believe him

  56. Sadib
    Před rokem

    The current Falcon is a literal falcon? I love it!

  57. Wrestling With Gaming
    Wrestling With Gaming
    Před rokem

    I love comics' never ending ability to be more bonkers than I thought possible. Great video.

  58. Robotic Cynic
    Robotic Cynic
    Před rokem

    I like to see Chris Evans turn into this Werewolf Captain. What does everyone say?

    1. Robotic Cynic
      Robotic Cynic
      Před rokem

      @Super Studs Yes, that is his name. Who you thought his name was?

    2. Super Studs
      Super Studs
      Před rokem

      Wait the actor that plays Falcon real name is Anthony Mackie?

    3. Robotic Cynic
      Robotic Cynic
      Před rokem

      @Deadwolf Then I guess, Anthony Mackie would be pretty cool too.

    4. Deadwolf
      Před rokem

      He retired so

  59. Ethan Soderstrom
    Ethan Soderstrom
    Před rokem

    Could you do a episode on the MIB. Of the Marvel Universe?

  60. mattwo7
    Před rokem

    5:04 Can't let you do that Capwolf!

  61. Justo 140
    Justo 140
    Před rokem

    Feral isn’t a werewolf either she’s more feline if anything

  62. Thatotherguy15
    Před rokem

    Do you think you can do a video about marvel vs capcom. I think there were a few comics based on the games

  63. fgfg
    Před rokem

    Wasn't a Falcon and Winter Soldier series comming up? Because this sound like the kind of stuff they would pull in an episode

  64. Ba1r
    Před rokem

    I smell furries in the MCU

  65. Emo Anime Boy
    Emo Anime Boy
    Před rokem

    Werewolf Cap was a weird story, I own it

  66. Justin Dawson
    Justin Dawson
    Před rokem

    Okay, that's a good product tie-in.

  67. Lentro Zenol
    Lentro Zenol
    Před rokem

    Werewolf Captain America was also briefly shown at the end of the Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness mini series...with Werewolf Logan too #nowyouknow

  68. dragon1130
    Před rokem

    4:58 Fox Mcloud: Just what I needed to see, Star Wolf

  69. The Oncoming Storm
    The Oncoming Storm
    Před rokem

    Wasn't Jaquan also inflicted with a vampire virus Redwing had in his dormant cells?

  70. Jacob Willis
    Jacob Willis
    Před rokem

    Ok this story is crazier than I expected and I was expecting some wild shit

  71. Gavin Brown
    Gavin Brown
    Před rokem

    I guess you didn’t read the part where it is straight up stated that the permanent transformation was due to Redwing’s vampirism

    1. Katherine Lynch
      Katherine Lynch
      Před rokem

      Now I want a clarification on vampire falcons that turn teenagers into bird boys

    2. Gavin Brown
      Gavin Brown
      Před rokem

      Comic Drake your welcome

    3. Comic Drake
      Comic Drake
      Před rokem

      You know what? That's totally my bad. I first read the story as it was coming out and I only skimmed it again when putting the script together. I went and double checked the issue and you are absolutely correct. I'll make a note of that in a pinned comment. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  72. JB JFX
    JB JFX
    Před rokem

    Was gonna like but wanna keep the 616

  73. digunder14
    Před rokem

    to be fair, wolverine dose have some wolf like senses and skills that just happen to be shared by most such animals

  74. carl charleston
    carl charleston
    Před rokem

    Captain Wolf?

  75. digunder14
    Před rokem

    sam even got werewolfed during his time as captain america

  76. JamCal-X
    Před rokem

    Ah, Cap Wolf. The best kind of Wolf! That's AMERICA'S WOLF right there!

  77. Storm 1208
    Storm 1208
    Před rokem

    The Star Fox voice clip at 5:04 got me, haha!

  78. Nick-Player Character
    Nick-Player Character
    Před rokem

    Now that is what I call a patriotic furry.

  79. NukeDukem 614
    NukeDukem 614
    Před rokem

    Heh Fiancee's favorite sponsor

  80. Nate Hicks
    Nate Hicks
    Před rokem

    That's America's tail

  81. DewDoughnut
    Před rokem

    A captain American werewolf in London

  82. the continuous one
    the continuous one
    Před rokem

    feral, capwolf, wolfverine, starwolf, thats good stuff

  83. Ellisdv8
    Před rokem

    In a blink and you’ll miss it panel during the Sam Wilson Cap Wolf story, he essentially says he was told his change would wear off, yet he did’t know when. And that the Young Falcon’s change was probably permanent. So yeah, same had his out, and a partner all with some “science” in one panel.

  84. dragonball3166
    Před rokem

    I knew about it I don’t know a lot about it dr druid don’t read about him no more

  85. al qu
    al qu
    Před rokem

    Does anyone else get wired dreams of Drake's fiancee going down on him every time he mentions Manscaped or is it just me?

  86. Fancy Teeth
    Fancy Teeth
    Před rokem

    Now I'm going to have Werewolf of London stuck in my head all day.

    1. ozzymandistwenty14
      Před 10 měsíci

      Never read the 80s British first run of Excalibur? You get to meet the warwolves (in London) and else where. Not actually wolves. Silver living metal semi quadraped hunter's belonging to the main baddys of the series.

    2. Otaking Mikohani
      Otaking Mikohani
      Před rokem

      Technically Cap is an American Werewolf _IN_ London.

  87. Fernando Giubilei
    Fernando Giubilei
    Před rokem

    Don't be so sure we'll never know the answer, it could be answered in 20 years by one of those writers who like bringing up old obscure or abandoned plotlines and characters.

  88. Just Some Pony With a Mustache
    Just Some Pony With a Mustache
    Před rokem

    Technically yes. He was also a zombie.

    1. Otaking Mikohani
      Otaking Mikohani
      Před rokem

      "Was"? Pretty sure he's been brought back from the dead more than once.

  89. Frank Nova
    Frank Nova
    Před rokem

    Huh, i don't remember Druid, is he even around in comics atm?

    Před rokem

    I think you should use this title instead " Is Captain America a *FURRY* ? "

  91. artistafrustrado
    Před rokem

    now im sad none of the Marvel vs Capcom games gave us a Capwolf costume

  92. Uroš Veličković
    Uroš Veličković
    Před rokem

    Them panel borders looking straight as hell ngl

  93. Twoods
    Před rokem

    And Jeremiah was a bullfrog

  94. timephire
    Před rokem

    Doctor Druid?! Marvel made there own knockoff of there own character?! I feel Dr. Strange should sue in universe!!

    1. ozzymandistwenty14
      Před 10 měsíci

      He was temporarily tje sorcerer supreme.

  95. Nicholas Evans
    Nicholas Evans
    Před rokem

    Still sounds like a more interesting stroyline than the Serect Empire storyline where they truned Cap into a Nazi.

  96. Generic stickman
    Generic stickman
    Před rokem

    Captain Yiff

  97. Grant Baugh
    Grant Baugh
    Před rokem

    This was definitely an odd point in the history of Captain America, though the cover to issue 405 is really cool and makes the awkwardness of the whole arc worth it.

  98. Munjee
    Před rokem

    5:00 so he became aware wolf

  99. Smith 101
    Smith 101
    Před rokem

    Captain America turning into a werewolf is pretty tame compared to a lot of other things marvel cooks up

  100. Lucario 2405
    Lucario 2405
    Před rokem

    I now honestly wanna see Sam in the MCU become a werewolf for like 2 - 3 Episodes. Maybe in Season 2?