Chalk Warfare 4.0

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Drawing weapons with chalk? Chalk Warfare.. 4.0?!
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Directed by Sam Wickert

Thanks to all of our partners below for helping make this film possible!

Shot with Blackmagic Design cameras with Blackmagic RAW, edited and finished entirely in DaVinci Resolve Studio, their powerful, all-in-one post production suite here:

Other World Computing (OWC) Provided us with incredible storage solutions for our advanced workflow. Their SSDs are durable and state of the art, and their Jupiter Callisto server was the all-in-one solution we needed to streamline our workflow. Check out their products here:

We used -- the world’s most powerful cloud-based video collaboration platform -- to work on this project with a team all over the country! Get a SPECIAL 30 DAY FREE TRIAL Here:

Boris FX’s Award-Winning Mocha Pro plugin took our motion tracking and stabilizing to the next level. Get 15% off Mocha Pro purchase or subscriptions - visit and use enter our coupon code: sokrispy-15

Zach King -
Jamie Costa - jamiecosta...
StarWars Theory -
HelloImLana - helloimlana...
Dom Fera -
Tiana Webberly - sweett_02?...
Chris Reid
Sam Loya - samloya1
John Parenthau
Justin Robinson
Isaiah Stratton
Bob Reese
Tim Roberts
Shama Mrema
Austin Koon
Brett Driver
Andrew Kramer
Lawrence Black // Southern Bleachery


“Chalk Warfare” created by Sam Wickert \u0026 Eric Leigh
Directed by Sam Wickert
Produced by Micah Malinics

Brendan Forde - VFX Lead / VFX Coordinator
Nicholas Moyer - BTS Producer, Director, Videographer \u0026 Editor
Lorenzo Anzoleaga - BTS Videographer
Sho Schrock - Line Producer
Aether Films - Davis DiLillo and Caden McMahon
Stephen Tyler - Production Coordinator
Dylan McGale - 1st Assistant Director
Eric Vera - Director of Photography
Hayden Warner - 1st Assistant Camera
Scott Larson - Camera Utility/Assistant Camera
Andrew Bradford - 1st AC (South Carolina Shoot)
Sven Van Ostrand - Gaffer
Michael Rosner-Hyman - Key Grip
Gabe Knoos-Newton - Swing
Jacob Longcob - Swing
Sara Silkwood - Production Designer
Michael Stevantoni - Production Designer
Armando Vernet - Production Designer
McKenzie McDermott - Hair \u0026 Makeup
Joe Fidler - Stunt Coordinator
Fernando Preciado - EMT
Chris Patz - Skydiving Choreographer
Keith Creedy - Skydiving Videographer
Skydivers: Fernando Rodriguez, Claire A. McCauley, Zach, Kristian Nilsson, Tommy Miller, Maja Kuczynska, Luke Fischer, Liam Gaughan
Colorist: John Carrington
Bryan Martin - Logo Design
James Wiley - Drone Operator

Eric Crepeau - Sound Design \u0026 Mixing
Impossible Acoustic - Additional Sound Design
Mason Bayne - Foley Audio
Laura Stahl - Tiana Voice Talent
Daniel Riser - Chris Voice Talent

Original music by Andrew Gerlicher
Listen to the music here:
Additional music by Garrett Weyenberg

Digital Artists:
Sam Wickert \u0026 Brendan Forde
Jameson Mitchell
Enrique De la Garza
Jay Biediger
Peter French
Allan McKay
Eduardo Ruiz Urrejola
Scott Larson
Sean Boullianne

Erica Robinson
Sir Wade

Thanks to Santa Monica Plastics for providing the cuts to our new props for the film.
Thanks to Aether Films for providing additional camera support!
Additional thanks to Chick Fil-A Buena Park \u0026 Wooden Camera!

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