Every Marvel Hero Being Replaced in Marvel Phase 4

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These Marvel characters are going to be a lot different in MCU Phase 4.
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We may still be reeling from the losses of Avengers: Endgame, but Marvel have wasted no time in replacing their fallen heroes and setting up the future of the MCU. Marvel may be notoriously tight lipped with plot details and the future of the MCU, but there have been some announcements as to what the future holds for the franchise. With a ton of upcoming movies and TV shows including The Eternals, Black Widow, Thor: Love and Thunder, Blade and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we will still have our plate very much full. But that isn’t enough for the heads at Marvel with them also announcing replacements for heroes already in the MCU.
We will take a look at some of these shock replacements and what the future holds for the MCU- with classic characters moving aside, to old teams remerging and a character deemed lost returning from the ashes- the future of the MCU looks familiar, yet very different!
What do you make of the replacements? Which character are you looking forward to seeing? Are there any characters you want to come back? Or, are there any you wish will join the MCU? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow us on social media and to subscribe to the channel for more Marvel content!
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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: CJ
Edited by: John Aljets
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  1. Nico Wonderdust
    Nico Wonderdust
    Před 6 hodinami

    Anyone else notice the version of She-Hulk that was lifting the battle bus from Fortnite?

  2. Michael Grant
    Michael Grant
    Před 17 hodinami

    WTF is Disney doing?! They ruined Star Wars and now Marvel. Disney needs to fckn dump that female CEO.

  3. YourboiKiru
    Před 4 dny

    As soon stan died,they gonna replace our loved heroes to women,i mean im not against women playing heroes but why are they replacing them?

  4. Martin Phipps
    Martin Phipps
    Před 4 dny

    You forgot Shuri replacing Black Panther. Iron Man and War Machine could be replaced by younger characters like Nova and Ironheart.

  5. Ragzilb Ragzilb
    Ragzilb Ragzilb
    Před 4 dny

    I'm done with MCU seen what I needed, Lets have something other than always superheroes.

  6. Ty M
    Ty M
    Před 4 dny

    Can't wait for Ms. Marvel

  7. tnt201123
    Před 5 dny

    I'm so tired of woman taking place of guys in comic movies🤦‍♂️

  8. Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun
    Před 5 dny

    Can't wait for all of them but especially the new king of Wakanda

  9. John
    Před 6 dny

    They are turning SJW and watching this crap fall apart

  10. Patrick Burns
    Patrick Burns
    Před 6 dny

    None marvel is woke and done.

  11. Tales toTell
    Tales toTell
    Před 7 dny

    We also lost Black Panther R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman.

  12. Dent For real
    Dent For real
    Před 7 dny

    Great strategy to tank the greatest movie franchise ever!!! But honestly, I won’t know, b/c I won’t bother wasting my time!

  13. Basil Varghese
    Basil Varghese
    Před 8 dny

    Give stormbreaker to Natalie

  14. GAME ON
    Před 9 dny

    why thor

  15. Burnt Weenie
    Burnt Weenie
    Před 9 dny

    Good luck with that, Marvel.

  16. Zeltzin Estrada
    Zeltzin Estrada
    Před 9 dny

    The misogyny in these comments >>> 😍

    Před 9 dny

    Old Marvels will remain legends...they're gone..I'm outa here too..

  18. walter blow
    walter blow
    Před 10 dny

    why is there no female captain america or no miss america like in the comics

  19. Kyree Johnson
    Kyree Johnson
    Před 13 dny

    There are no comic readers in the comics

  20. Kyree Johnson
    Kyree Johnson
    Před 13 dny

    I’m a spidey comic fan so this is a really big step up to the marvel universe

  21. Tono
    Před 13 dny

    Who are you looking for to see in Phase 4...? NONE

  22. Deadly Cube
    Deadly Cube
    Před 13 dny


  23. TheBeez Kneez
    TheBeez Kneez
    Před 14 dny

    I feel like they're getting too into themselves

  24. Stogie Guy
    Stogie Guy
    Před 14 dny

    MCU peaked with Endgame and it's sadly all down hill from here. With some of these replacements it seems they may give a boost to that decline.

  25. CrimsonRush117
    Před 14 dny

    So... basically everyone is a woman. Lmao

  26. Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz
    Před 14 dny

    How will they even do female thor with the current lore? I don’t see it happening other than an ass pull.

  27. Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken
    Před 16 dny

    There is one thing that makes me mad :let’s make a female Thor :ok that’s pretty cool :and we need to make her stronger than Thor :but why it doesn’t make any sense :BeCAusE WomEN

  28. Daniel Willyard
    Daniel Willyard
    Před 16 dny

    Should have figured it was a matter of time before the Marvel movies went all "woke".

  29. Tommi Rahikka
    Tommi Rahikka
    Před 17 dny

    thor as one of the guardians of the galaxy would be pretty awesome :D

  30. A Road To Nowhere
    A Road To Nowhere
    Před 18 dny

    Get Woke, Go Broke.

  31. Anton Issa
    Anton Issa
    Před 19 dny

    I also think that we may see Union Jack and Captain Britain will be in ‘Falcon and the Winter soldier’

  32. Julie Minard
    Julie Minard
    Před 19 dny

    She Hulk will be played by The tawny massani

  33. EuniceCorn Crackers
    EuniceCorn Crackers
    Před 19 dny

    I hope to see the x men in the mcu, in fact my username is x men in mcu in champions

  34. piratesnugglecakes
    Před 19 dny

    It's not just the replacing the characters which is bad enough; what's the other thing they always have to do? Sh*t on the old characters. Oh, female Thor is so much better than old Thor (p*nis joke about the hammer or some lame sh*t) They can never just do the basic snatch and grab and try to make money off the name; they have to take a steaming dump on the old characters and on the fans for liking the old characters. And in the midst of all this self congratulation about how awesome Thor is, or Iron Pepper Pots or whoever, they're going to forget to write a good script for the rest of the movie and it's going to suck. Yet another franchise to kiss goodbye.

  35. blachloch1
    Před 21 dnem

    Sorry but Monica Rambeaus powers were nothing like Larson's Captain Marvel, Larsons were more like a Superman knockoff while Rambeau's powers were based on living light and imo a much better character.

  36. Savi Roy
    Savi Roy
    Před 23 dny

    No new characters pls..... Bring our same Marvel heroes back

  37. Savi Roy
    Savi Roy
    Před 23 dny

    We want Scarlett Evans n RDJ come back...... Without them Avengers Seems Incomplete 😐

  38. Hugo Moran
    Hugo Moran
    Před 23 dny

    I feel like hulk will get a metal arm like in the comics

  39. Bruce De La Garza
    Bruce De La Garza
    Před 24 dny

    All these directors turned marvel to crap. They ruined every superhero

    Před 27 dny

    Yall hatin but yall still gon watch it

  41. Le Sigh
    Le Sigh
    Před 28 dny

    Look, its clear how unpopular the Marvel movies have been with all of those MEN in the lead roles. Once those guys are ejected and we get strong diverse women in every lead role, the movies will make a billion dollars each.

  42. S Hill
    S Hill
    Před 28 dny

    Feminism ruins everything. Sincerely, a non-feminist woman Men are not my enemy, feminists are.

  43. B G
    B G
    Před 28 dny

    Hemsworth still wants to be thor, they are going to ruin marvel going forward.

  44. Joseph Varkey
    Joseph Varkey
    Před měsícem

    They are making it an Disney princess movie

  45. Streamline Performance
    Streamline Performance
    Před měsícem

    Thorina. She Hulk. Hawk eyeshadow and Spectrum. Yeah this ain't The Avengers. More like Charlie's Angels Hardcore Edition.

  46. Pozuelo de las Gallinas Gamer
    Pozuelo de las Gallinas Gamer
    Před měsícem

    And this is the end of the Marvel movies.

  47. katty
    Před měsícem

    In short, how white men are being replaced by ANYTHING but white men. And if you don't like it you're automatically going to called a toxic white male istaphobe.

  48. Nunya Business
    Nunya Business
    Před měsícem

    Down to see Natalie Portman as Thor but that’s it.

  49. ssjquez 100
    ssjquez 100
    Před měsícem

    Well I'm watching DC movies then bye marvel 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  50. Jordn Waky
    Jordn Waky
    Před měsícem

    too many girls its boring

  51. Deni s0n
    Deni s0n
    Před měsícem

    The literally gonna be overtaken by DC

  52. Mads luv
    Mads luv
    Před měsícem

    I'm so done with the MCU and I don't like good-looking guys being replaced by chicks and Hulk I never found entertaining. The only one I want to watch is Doctor Strange cuz I'm interested to see how they're going to make it like a horror movie

  53. brett conforti
    brett conforti
    Před měsícem

    Iv been done with marvel

  54. Cyrus Burke
    Cyrus Burke
    Před měsícem

    The replacements better not be white, they better not be men, and they most certainly should not be white men - especially if Marvel wants to get a Best Picture nomination.

  55. wcskeleton
    Před měsícem

    Im actually pretty excited for ms marvel show. She is pretty good

  56. USBM Soldier1981
    USBM Soldier1981
    Před měsícem

    Communist trash. As an Odinist I'm disgusted they're making Thor a woman. Disney won't be getting a penny from me.

  57. deadeye
    Před měsícem

    This woke bullshit is gonna lose money for Marvel.

  58. JCAH1
    Před měsícem

    I wouldn't be too surprised if the MCU eventually makes every last superhero a female, and then makes every female character a lesbian. And they would all be played by actresses who are lesbians in real life. And all of the films will be written and directed by SJW black feminist women. The SJW's have financially collapsed the comic book market, and now they are gunning to destroy MCU's movie legacy.

  59. Tremiki Shullai
    Tremiki Shullai
    Před měsícem

    Females avengers ..seriously

  60. zomuan Kima
    zomuan Kima
    Před měsícem

    Originals are the best this characters are for them cause they are only meant to be ohh boy I'll miss them🤧

  61. T York
    T York
    Před měsícem

    All women avengers they waited til Stan Lee to die to do this it's not right can't believe they gonna drive marvel into the ground to push something no body wants to see female leads are fine but to force every marvel movie into the same direction is pure crap it's not equality

  62. NL - 08AS 732163 Cheyne MS
    NL - 08AS 732163 Cheyne MS
    Před měsícem


  63. Yve Kabite
    Yve Kabite
    Před měsícem

    The girl from Xmen was strong enough than all this women

  64. tedarin
    Před měsícem

    Ghostbusters 2016 was also a real success... ...oh...

  65. iggs67
    Před měsícem

    Girl power, rheeeeee, can't wait not to watch any of that.

  66. Nora Escala
    Nora Escala
    Před měsícem

    Has anyone noticed the original six are kind of gone

  67. Robert Cottrell
    Robert Cottrell
    Před měsícem

    Has Marvel been taking notes from DC in terms of messing about with casting?

  68. Noelle
    Před měsícem

    The ONLY character replacement i’d be down for is Tony Starka daughter becoming the next iron man, other than that, please for gods sake just create new character stop trying to walk in already successful characters shoes it doesn’t work like that

  69. J B
    J B
    Před měsícem

    What the hell, it’s 90% all female replacements

  70. Calvin Johnstone
    Calvin Johnstone
    Před měsícem

    Cheese Larsen, ms marvel and an emasculated hulk. Less said about love and thunder the better. I'll pass.

  71. Ray Ray
    Ray Ray
    Před měsícem


  72. Adrian Macovei
    Adrian Macovei
    Před měsícem

    So Disney didn't learned that go woke means go broke...endgame was really the end...

  73. kertio fan
    kertio fan
    Před měsícem

    I wanna see miles and peter ad a team

  74. Jim Simpson
    Jim Simpson
    Před měsícem

    Well marvel had a good 10years.. The future doesn't look very bright

  75. Conor McLaverty
    Conor McLaverty
    Před měsícem

    I get diversity and stuff, but they're killing the franchise. We'll never experience the likes of the infinity saga again. Zero interest in the new movies/shows

  76. Wesley Ackerman
    Wesley Ackerman
    Před měsícem

    no mention of Black Panther really?

    Před měsícem

    Wammen ruin everything....

  78. Ayesa Siddika
    Ayesa Siddika
    Před měsícem

    No.just no

  79. сумасшедший Иван
    сумасшедший Иван
    Před měsícem

    Well..maybe one of agent of shield will replace them

  80. Minqweno Pinyana
    Minqweno Pinyana
    Před měsícem

    Wasn't gonna watch the 4th Thor for pandering but they've got Christian Bale and that's enough for me.

  81. Chris Allie
    Chris Allie
    Před měsícem


  82. Ermhs Parasoidis
    Ermhs Parasoidis
    Před měsícem

    That's why the will be no more good Marvel movies !

  83. blue yellow
    blue yellow
    Před měsícem

    All main character will be all female or black lol

  84. Duno A
    Duno A
    Před měsícem

    welp it was good while it lasted...

  85. Aljosa Petkovic
    Aljosa Petkovic
    Před měsícem

    this is going to be pure trash and i'm sad

  86. Set Subarashii
    Set Subarashii
    Před měsícem

    Hawkeyes boring asf

  87. Ilavarasu Ramachandran
    Ilavarasu Ramachandran
    Před měsícem

    Phase 4 more like Feminist 4.... It's like they're actively destroying themselves trying to appease to a few feminazis.... Pathetic...

    1. Ilavarasu Ramachandran
      Ilavarasu Ramachandran
      Před měsícem

      @Loz If you still can't see what I mean, just imagine the movies you mentioned Wonder Woman & Tomb Raider remade with male leads. Yeah...... That's how disgusted we feel when we see our favourite characters are gender switched.... Sorry for the long reply...

    2. Ilavarasu Ramachandran
      Ilavarasu Ramachandran
      Před měsícem

      @Loz Thank you... Also... there have been several feministic movies, games, series etc, name one of them which was NOT a financial disaster?

  88. Cyn Music
    Cyn Music
    Před měsícem

    My interest for the mcu went down 95% after watching this video.

  89. SPooKY SKit ANimATioNS
    SPooKY SKit ANimATioNS
    Před měsícem

    All the MCU characters are going to be females and black.

  90. Javier
    Před měsícem

    No too exciting. The characters don't seem very interesting. All good things come to an end.

  91. Bence Szabó
    Bence Szabó
    Před měsícem

    Looks like MCU is fully aWOKEening... I hpe if they do the will also be brokening!

  92. Doctor Nippon
    Doctor Nippon
    Před měsícem


  93. Fuego Bands
    Fuego Bands
    Před měsícem

    It’s gonna be trash

  94. PAIN
    Před měsícem

    The fact that thes "new" replacement are pretty much women there gonna be those parts that's filled emotions and all and when it's time to make tough decisions they're gonna have total breakdown Or so think how it will go

  95. Aqua Bard
    Aqua Bard
    Před měsícem

    Honestly i agree with the comments here, why are they just replacing characters with different actors. Marvel keep your actors that made the mcu the mcu dont just take him away. Im personally exited for the disney + series, but the movies are going to die before they live.

  96. bobbycrim
    Před měsícem

    GotG is the only one that might still hold some interest, but the rest of it looks like a PC dumpster fire

  97. Tom Hartman
    Tom Hartman
    Před měsícem

    Phase 4 is gonna suck

  98. Jonathan Roche
    Jonathan Roche
    Před měsícem

    I think either Gabrielle Union or Rhonda Rousey would make a great She-Hulk

  99. Lily Lupin
    Lily Lupin
    Před měsícem

    Me in 10 years talking to my niece: My niece: Hey, one of the Avengers Movies said something about Steve and Tony. Who are they? Me: They’re the Originals. They were Iron Man and Captain America. Niece: Why aren’t they in the movies now? Me: It’s time to watch some movies, kid. *plays all of the MCU movies up to FFH*

    1. William Garvin
      William Garvin
      Před měsícem

      Well this is a reasons you won't get a crossover between DC and Marvel Because both companies are making more money than Just making a cross over between their companies Along with their movies being about this crossover between The Avengers and Justice League Because they're both Owned by these companies That's why to future will get something better than just looking at this crossover thinking that it will happen In that I rather focus on In that I was thinking that this is better than a crossover between DC and Marvel in comics.😇😌😏❤🙏

  100. Frank Meadows
    Frank Meadows
    Před měsícem

    i like seeing men. im not really into seeing all of these girls...