Forging a BOW out of Rusted Leaf SPRING

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Alright, This Bow took me one month to make and this was not easy to make it such perfect. A lot of my Fans asked me to make Bow so i tried to make most perfect Bow that i can.

Overall Length: 40 Inches
Handle Length: 10 Inches
Stretched Length: 35 Inches

All the Processes are below of making this beautiful Bow:
It took me almost two days to prepare and hand forge Leaf Spring piece into a long Steel Strip and this was my most complicated forging ever. I don't have any serious equipment so all the forging as well as hot metal bending i did with my hands and turned a spring piece into an 40 inches metal strip.
I make most of grindings of bent strip with my Angle grinder and turned the strip into a well shaped workpiece. I also
did a lot of hand sanding with a help of abrasive to remove the edges and almost all the roughness of the blank.
v. I made grooves on Limbs with the help of round file.
v. Hand Sanded the surface to remove roughness.
v. The recurve made on special device which delivers energy more efficiently.
There is a professional way to harden a
Bow and that is
Heating the whole surface placed into a Fire evenly to a critical temperature. After that Quench the heated detail in oil. Now the Steel is hard but Fragile. Tempering is the best way to increase Toughness of the bow.
This piece may be made of any fiber twisted into a single cord but we can also make it by use synthetic winding around linen thread. The purpose of bowstring is to join the two ends and launch the arrow.
The Handle contains of three parts.
v. LEATHER: Purpose of leather is to hold the handle with the steel part , I used soft leather for wrapping.
v. Copper: Thin metal strips of copper turned into a beautiful decoration that separates the handle and curve.
v. Wood: A piece of oak wood is nice for the handle which could be fixed with some leather strips.

Forging a BOW out of Rusted Leaf SPRING

Always wear eye protection while working with grinders.
Always keep Extinguisher at your work place.
Stay Focused.

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  1. Almost Perfect Restoration
    Almost Perfect Restoration
    Před měsícem

    Almost a month of work, tons of sandpaper and infinite number of hours, Here is some of the Best moments of this Bow (video) 01:17 forging 03:01 shaping 03:50 making Big Furnace 05:37 hardening 06:17 tempering 06:31 making arrow 07:49 Hand sanding 08:37 making bowstring 09:49 making handle 12:57 Final product

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    Владимир Сорин
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      Raymond Borgman
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      Thats how i was taught to get very accurate lines is with a old pair of veneers and I still have a set Follower veneers that I use for this purpose every day

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