The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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    K1ng deadbush 4321
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    Asad Marji
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    Balkan Player
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    Jack Yang
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    Random Brandon
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  19. palebluedot
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    1. Void Phenomenon
      Void Phenomenon
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      Civil rights for black people in the United States.

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  25. agirlwithsuppressedinterests
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  26. mumin miah
    mumin miah
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    Jonathan Mikowski
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  31. Hircine
    Před 12 hodinami

    Great leader and master tactician. Notice that he was leading his men and armies in battle from one victory to another while his enemies cowering inside their palaces, thats why he was loved by his men and when he returned to France from his exile they all joined him instead of stopping him from entering Paris. He fought against everyone on all fronts... and won several times. The whole of Europe couldn't deal with him even though they allied against him 5 times or more!

  32. 25th-night VaxMachina
    25th-night VaxMachina
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    Head of the Table
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    1. Dr Rao
      Dr Rao
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  39. SlothBOI_14
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  40. The Greater Galactic Empire
    The Greater Galactic Empire
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  57. Paul Andrei G. Sahagun
    Paul Andrei G. Sahagun
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  83. Nothing Here
    Nothing Here
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